Cross stitch kits

Not confident in shopping for fabric and thread yourself? Not to worry, we've got you! We'll kit out these patterns for you so you're ready to go as soon as it arrives! 


They'll take 1-2 weeks to assemble and dispatch, then 2-4 days of shipping time within the UK or 4-7 weeks shipping time Internationally (it's slowed down a lot since COVID-19, but it could arrive much quicker!)


All kits include: fabric, thread (organised in a coded cardboard organiser), needle, and a paper copy of the pattern/instructions.

If you want a hoop included in your kit, there's an option for that too! 


Want fancier fabric? Custom colours? Want a kit of a pattern you've seen elsewhere on the site? Send me a message using the "Contact us" button in the bottom right of the site and I can create a custom kit listing just for you. 


If you want instant access to a pattern that you can buy supplies for yourself, check out the PDF section :)