You're meeting all my standards! - Papyrus Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern
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You're meeting all my standards! - Papyrus Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern

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What a cool dude who understands your passion for spaghetti like no one else ❤️

Papyrus is all ready for romance, how about you? He serves as a great self confidence boost too, as you can remind yourself that you're an impressive enough human to wow him over! Great for Undertale fans and those who just want a comedic, not so soppy Valentine, anniversary or just generally geeky gift to stitch.

Even better than cards, this looks great all year round and won't get chucked out after a week. It looks wonderful hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.


With only 1 colour, this pattern is perfect for beginners.

*This is a PDF Cross Stitch Pattern, not a physical product. If you want to commission a physical cross stitch piece, please message me using the Contact Us button in the bottom right of the site*



50 wide x 53 high

Suggested fabric:
14 count black aida, 2 strands of thread (3 if you want a fuller stitch).

Approx. stitched size: 
3-1/2 inches (9.1cm) wide x 3-3/4 inches (9.6cm) high

Suggested minimum fabric size:
10 inches (24cm) wide x 10 inches (25cm) high

Alternative fabric counts can be used, but it will alter the final size and how many threads you need to use (e.g. 18 count will result in a smaller size than 14 count).


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